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Bite Prevention

Bite Prevnetion is a key element to stopping and more importantly Preventing BSL.  If there are little or no bites in a community, they aren't going to resort to the hype of BSL.
Here are some good resources online that are dedicated to Bite Prevention. Please visit all of them.  Hey, write them an email letting them know what a great job they are doing?!

Dog Bite Prevention Programs for communities... 

PBRC's Poppy's Place - Guide to canine safety:  This guide is a great way to learn canine safety with your child.  If you return to Poppy's Place there are some interactive games for the kids that are based on this guide as well.

American Veterinary Medical Association, A Community approach to dog bite prevention :  This 18 page report is the result of the AVMA's task force on canine aggression and human-canine interactions.

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA):  Have a community outreach program including dog bite prevention.  Create a Bite-Free Community Without Banning Dogs : Reduce dog bites in your community using a multi-pronged approach which includes bite prevention programs for both children and home service providers, puppy socialization programs and the formation of a Dangerous Dog Task Force made up of key players in community government and animal welfare.  email: outreach@aspca.org  for more information

American Kennel Club (AKC): Safety around Dogs program.

Doggonesafe, an organization dedicated to dog bite prevention:  Website:http://www.doggonesafe.com/

PDF Flyer to include in information packets

CDC Bite Prevention


Canine Safety Brochures courtesy of Karen Peak Safe Kids / Safe Dogs


Family Dog Safety

Baby Safety - For new parents, grandparents, childcare providers

Family Guide to dog safety -  This is a guide to review with your children so they can learn about dog safety and how to behave around dogs.

How Safe is my dog?


Public Safety

Canine safety for Field Workers

Canine Safety for the Public

Other Articles and Resources:
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