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America Against Breed Specific Legislation

About Us

Connecting on a personal level is an important part of sharing ideas.
America Against BSL was established in 2003, and started online early 2005. Our focuses are educating the common public and teach them about responsible animal ownership, what ever the breed may be.  We want to give our dogs the best life possible, and that includes ensuring that our dogs are in our future.  We will not tolerate any breed falling victim to the un-educated charges that too many breeds face today.


Allison Wood, the founder of AABSL, has been very active in the Pit Bull community for the past 10 years.  Allison, along with Kelly A., were broadcasted on a top Atlanta radio station in 2005 to promote responsible dog ownership and spread the word about current legislation.  She is always looking for a big way to help out in the dog fancy world.

We are always here to help answer questions and we will try to keep you updated on our website.  We will be re-opening our message board in the very near future! So keep a look out for that.

AABSL continually seeks active members to help the organization and strengthen its efforts.  Being a member does not just mean writing emails, or posting to message boards.  It means becoming part of the solution.  Public action and education is the only road that we need to walk.  That is why we need you!  Even if you think that you are not affected by BSL, think again.  It is spreading fast and together we can make the difference. 

The ADBA and its member clubs support America Against BSL.

Animals have many friends in any community, and while many people want to help, they need an easy way to get involved, something that fits into already busy schedules. By becoming a member, you have the tools, education, and support that you need to become more active in your community, and really making a difference in our Nation.  Also, you can create opportunities for many more people to get involved in helping, too.

We post new articles to read that we find across the web. Also links to Petitions to sign.  We also collect Educational Resources for both Adults and Children.  We team others up with people in their local community to act on issues that are happening in their own community.  We also help with issues that arise across the Nation, and even over Seas!

Other Articles and Resources:
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